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Τετάρτη, 7 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Macedonia Naming Controversy

Alexander The Great is Greek. The Olympic games held in Ancient Greece were only allowed for Greeks and no-one else, and Alexander The Great was allowed in it, because he was Greek. "Skopje" is a rightful belonging to Greece from the amount of history belonging to the Greeks. If you believe that "Skopje" should still hold the name of "Macedonia", it's just as saying the Americans are British. No real "Macedonian" exists in "Skopje", it only consists of Slavic people who went there to live there, with stolen history pieces of Greece. Creating status that represent the history of a country is a great offense to the other country, just as if you would see the new Big Ben in America. The "Greek Coffee" was taken by the Ottomans but the Ottomans no longer exist, they are known as Turks (As far as I know, the Turks do not have their own coffee? Correct me on that, I am not from Greece). There are many Greek landmarks all around the world, and even copies or self made but with the idea of Greek structures, such as the American Whitehouse. There are so many pieces and bits that the Greeks did, to democracy, language, alphabets, showing that a small country can hold against their own by a wider and bigger force shown as in WW2, and even after their Freedom when they were still occupied. There is no right for the people of "Skopje" to use the name of "Macedonia" as they hold no historical piece that is their own independent one. Greek influence lays there and they stole it and claim it is theirs, while holding no connection to Greece. If the "Macedonians" are truly independent, then make your own new history rather than stealing already existing one, just like the Americans when they ever so said "The Tea is for the British." You want Independence, then earn it, not by stealing history or names connected to a historical place, but rather your own history and your own rightful name. (By all means, I am not debating about other countries, I am using them as examples to prove my points further more, keep the comments clean and with actual facts and proof rather than saying "Suck my dick" or something. Thank you.)

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